UBC Solar's adopt-a-cell program is an opportunity to allow members of the community to contribute to the success of our project. Solar cells are the most expensive component of our vehicle and your tax deductible donation helps us to subsidize their cost and brings us one step closer to the next race and a more sustainable future.

A $20 donation allows you to adopt a solar cell. We will recognize your donation by placing your name on our Adopt-A-Cell page. In addition, if you adopt 5 cells, your name will be placed on our solar car itself!

If you are interested in learning more about our Adopt-A-Cell program or to donate to the team, please contact us at

Adopt-A-Cell Donors

  1. Rainmaker Entertainment Motion Capture
  2. Jan and Carl Mclaughlin, Kamloops BC
  3. Barb Jackson
  4. Chris Ortner